Summer time in the South

The southeast has a saying "if you don't like the weather hang around a few minutes it will change". That is so true in south east TN where Poppeas has made its home.

Some helpful tips if you are traveling with children to the state.:

1. Always bring sunscreen. Even when cloudy your precious cargo can get unwanted UV rays.

2. Always have a jacket. It may be 82 during the day and when the sun drops behind the mountains so does the temperature.

3. Restaurants are always cold. They try to set the temperature for the peak hot hours, but the temperature changes so frequently outside the AC systems struggle with regulating.

4. Bring clothes and shoes for outside. Your kids will want to be outdoors. It is beautiful here and so much to do outside. Whether they want to hike, bike, playgrounds, visit the numerous lakes, creeks, or rivers you WILL want to be outside.

5. Come by and see us at 3411 Keith St. NW Cleveland, Tn and get everything from a portable Ciao the original "highchair in a bag" to the perfect vintage style swim wear. We have everything you will need to look great while enjoying the great outdoors.

By the way today it is suppose to reach 82!

See you soon!