Poppeas Posts

Today begins The Twelve Shopping Days until Christmas Sale. On the 1st Day of Sales, POPPEAS discounted for you ONE 50% off a single item with a $100 order.

Mrs. Clause will be arriving at POPPEAS at 3:00 this afternoon ready to greet all who come out to bring their Christmas letter. Santa is sending his Mrs to collect the last of the wish lists. Mrs. Clause will be bringing candy and cookies and ready to read a wonderful story to everyone at the end of the day. Come out today for a fun filled time with Mrs Clause. We hope to see you there.

To all our POPPEAS shoppers, if you want to call and say “could you private message me everything you have in a 4T for Girls” we would be happy to. We realize with full time work and kids activities there seems to be no time to shop until you finally get propped on your pillows at night. Let us help, please. We will be your own private shopping consultant. Let’s make shopping easy for you.